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Waste oil in the use of making the life of soap

Preparation: collect the waste oil, 95% alcohol and 40% sodium hydroxide solution, saturated salt solution, beaker, glass rod, iron triangle, alcohol lamp, balance.
Activities: 1. Join the raw material for making soap. Will be 15 ml40 % alcohol solution of sodium hydroxide solution, 20 ml95 % and 8 ml of oil, in turn, slowly add into 100 ml beaker. When the solution is divided into three layers can be observed.
2. Saponification. Will hold a small beaker on a tripod with raw material heating, after waiting for solution boiling small fire heating, slightly boil, stirring constantly, don't make the solution. Observe liquid level, when there is a layer of thin film surface stop to join. At this time, did you get the sodium stearate, the rest and residual alkali, water and generate materials such as glycerol.
3. Salting out. Is good the saponification solution into 100 ml of saturated salt water, the sodium stearate in salt solution, floccule forming soap soap glue. Because soap is smaller than the density of salt water, floating in the solution of the above, the lower is to generate glycerol excess alkali and salt water, etc. From recycled glycerol, salt and alkali.
4. To finalize the design, to dry. Put soap rubber mold shape, air-dried soap.
5. Effect of detection. Teachers can arrange students grouping experiment according to the circumstance, and compared with pure vegetable oil as raw material to make the experiment. The soap out of the market to buy make soap and vegetable oil, waste oil soap melt into 2 ml soap solution, inward 1 drops of oil, observing appearance shape and decontamination effect after shocks.
6. In order to increase the beautiful sex of homemade soap, you can add some pigment, essence, etc. Also can add some additives, improve the actual effect of soap.
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