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Don't waste oil waste

    Waste oil in China is the habit of name, foreign generally called \"the used oil. From the perspective of waste lubricating oil, it is not waste, because of the lubricating oil in use process, due to reasons such as oxidation, part of the composition of metamorphism, sometimes mixed with various impurities from the outside world.
    When bad ingredients and impurities to a certain extent, cannot continue to use the lubricating oil, and then become the waste oil. But stale and impurities in the waste oil is only a tiny fraction of, such as this part can be stale and simple process to remove impurities in lubricating oil filter oil machine, waste oil is renewable, become good oil.
    Reclaimed oil production rate is generally very high, therefore, the resource of waste oil is production of lubricating oil. In this sense, the waste oil is not only not waste, but a treasure. The stale waste oil and impurities is general has the following categories:
1. Dust, mud, fiber, metal powder and other mechanical impurities.
2. The light oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil).
3. The moisture.
4. Granular.
5. Carbon black quality, oil coke quality.
6. Oxidation of colloid and asphaltene.
7. Acids. Mainly oil soluble organic acid, inorganic acid and low molecular weight organic acids (including).
8, superoxide and hydrogen peroxide.
9, neutral oxygen containing compounds. Including esters, content.
10. Soap. Row is also contain water-soluble acid ethers and some carbon compound
11. After consumption of compound additives.
    The first four class mainly comes from the external environment, as well as the burning mixture in the engine cylinder, the back of the seven classes, except inorganic drum is gas brings, mainly from some components of the lubricating oil deterioration.
    By the use of lubricating oil condition is different, the amount and type of degree of oil contains impurities is different also, not all of the waste oil are above ten kind of impurities. Example: only waste gasoline engine oil and waste aviation lubricating oil will contain gas, waste diesel engine oil will contain only right diesel; The general industrial lubricant oil won't contain. Carbon black and the oil quality is bear, pyrolysis products appear only in contact with high temperature of waste oil; In internal combustion engine oil contact burning mixture will contain granular; Work in the field of machine in the release of waste oil contains relatively large amounts of mud. Impurities in the waste oil (including stale) usually within 1 to 25% of the total, the remainder of the 75 ~ 99% is a good composition. This is much taller than the content of crude oil in the lubricating oil composition, and regeneration when don't need expensive degreasing process, as long as adopts the simple and reasonable process, get rid of the stale and impurities, adding appropriate additive when necessary, can make the waste oil into a good quality of recovered oil.
    Ordinary people often feel recycled product is inferior to the quality of the new product. Actually as long as the adoption of appropriate technological process and correct operation, the quality of the regenerated lubricating oil can completely with fresh oil.
    Reclaimed oil chemical composition, generally close to the chemical composition of the new lubricant base oil. This is to use effective mood system after the process of physical chemistry. Jean valjean source base oil to the sensitivity of additives in general, and new oil base oil. If the original depth of new oil is not refined, or regeneration of refined more deep, is to source base oil - L is equivalent to the new oil refined deeper, the additive has a better sensitivity. So call in later regeneration of lubricating oil, additives on the quality than the original likely doping of new oil well.
    If used in the regeneration is easy regeneration process, rather than refined sulfuric acid refining, clay refining, propane, furfural refining and hydrofining process, due to the metamorphism composition is not be eliminated completely make the quality of the recovered oil can't keep up with new oil. Or while using the refined role hinged strong regeneration technology, but because of the master is not appropriate, not bad components in addition to do, even left a refined reaction produces new impurities, is the quality of the recovered oil will catch up with the new oil.

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