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A new catalyst for refinery cleaner

    China environment news reporter Huang Yong Beijing shell global solutions has launched the third generation of CENTERA catalyst combinations, to help in the Asia Pacific region refinery production of cleaner fuel. It is understood that CENTERA can be used in the production of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ten over one million of the sulfur content, 10 PPM), use this kind of catalyst, will for the refinery would save at least $30 million a year.
    Have learned, (such as CENTERA) in the process of oil refining catalysts is of crucial importance. It can help enterprises to improve production and reduce useless by-products and such as sulfur, nitrogen, aromatic hydrocarbons and other metal impurities. And shell global solutions for the latest technology and solutions portfolio covers the transfer of technology, catalyst and clean fuel authorized service projects, aimed at helping China's refining enterprises should urgent demand for clean energy production.
    On media day 2010 held in Beijing, shell (USA), head of oil refining catalysts business global vice President Brian Smith said: \"the application of oil refinery, CENTER A catalyst can gain higher profit space, reducing emissions; consumers more environmentally friendly transportation fuel, can be used to make living and working environment more clean.\"
    According to introducing, shell global solutions for patent transfer of clean fuel oil refining technology and catalyst includes hydrocracking, hydrotreating - from naphtha to reduce residue, thermal conversion, fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC), distillation and separation, gasification and co2 capture technology.
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