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How the regeneration of waste oil?

    Waste oil is China's habit of name, called "foreign general used oil". The composition of waste lubricating oil point of view, it is not completely waste, because of the lubricating oil in use process, because the oxidation and other reasons, there is a part of component deterioration. Ask when mixed with a variety of impurities from the outside.
    When metamorphic components and impurities to a certain extent, the lubricating oil can not continue to use, it is oil. But the metamorphic complexes and impurities in the waste oil accounts for only a small part, such as the metamorphic and impurities by technology of lubricating oil filter simple removal, waste oil is renewable, become good oil.
    The regeneration oil yield is usually high, therefore, the waste oil is a valuable resource for producing lube oil. From this point of view, the waste oil is not only not a waste, but a treasure. Metamorphic and impurities in the waste oil - like the following categories:
Mechanical impurities 1, dust, mud and sand, fiber, metal powder etc..
2, light oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel).
3, water.
4, carbon particles.
5, carbon black, oil and coke quality.
6, gum and asphaltene from oxidation.
7, acid. Are oil soluble organic acid, (including inorganic acids and organic acids with low molecular weight).
8, peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.
9, the neutral oxygen containing compounds. Including esters, fabric.
10, soap. Line also contains water soluble acid ether and carbon based compound
11, additive consumption after.
    The first four classes mainly come from the external environment, and the cylinder of the engine combustion mixture, seven back, except inorganic drum gas bring outside, mainly from metamorphic lubricating oil of some components.
    The lubricating oil of various using conditions, species and quantity of oil containing impurities are not the same, not all of the oil containing the above eleven kinds of impurities. For example: will only waste engine oil and aviation lubricating oil containing waste gas, waste will be right in diesel engine oil with diesel oil and lubricating oil; industrial general waste oil does not contain. Carbene and oil bear matter is the pyrolysis products, only appear in contact with high temperature in waste; in contact with the combustion of the mixed gas internal combustion engine oil will contain carbon particles; out of work in the field of machine oil contain a large amount of silt. The impurities in the waste oil (including metamorphic complexes, the total amount of) is typically in the range of 1~25%, the rest of the 75~99% is a good composition. The crude oil in the oil group is much higher than the content of degreasing process, and without expensive regeneration is needed, as long as the process is simple and reasonable, the removal of metamorphic and impurities, when necessary, adding suitable additives, can turn waste into renewable oil of good quality.
    People often feel quality recycled products as new products. In fact, as long as the use of suitable process and correct operation, quality of the regenerated lubricating oil can be fully comparable with the new oil.
    Chemical composition of regeneration oil chemical composition, generally close to the new base oil of lubricating oil. This is the effective physical and chemical process of feeling of. Ransheng Receptivity on additives for lube base oil generally and new oil base oil almost. If the new oil original not refined, refined to be deep or regeneration, regeneration oil base oil actual L equivalent of new oil refining deeper, will feel better to additive. So the redeployment of regenerated lubricating oil additive later, in quality may be better than the original new oil additive.
    If the regeneration is the use of simple regeneration process, instead of sulfuric acid refining, clay refining, refining, propane furfural refining and hydrofining process, due to deterioration of components not completely removed and the new oil quality miss the regeneration oil. Although the regeneration process of refining or hinge strong role, but because the master is not appropriate, not metamorphic components except as, and even leaving refining reaction produces new impurities, the quality of regenerated oil will also miss the new oil.

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