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The significance of waste oil recovery

    30 years of reform and opening up, China's waste oil recycling industry from the centralized treatment of petrochemical system to regional disperse disposal, from directional disposal of planned economy to market economy of free trade, the industry also after nearly 30 years of development. During the 30 years of development, however, we found that as the waste of waste oil is not towards the direction of specialization, scale, technology level of the industry has not made breakthrough progress.
    Waste oil recycling industry development is not only reflect the environmental protection, the relationship between the interests of the people's livelihood, but also embodies the circular economy, an important component of the comprehensive utilization of resources. China's economy is transformation from extensive to refinement, in today's global oil resources increasingly scarce, waste oil recovery industry standard and professional become particularly important.
The significance of waste oil recovery:
Reduce the environment pollution
    For our survival environment, the waste oil pollution 1 million litres of water, equivalent to 14 people drinking water quantity in a year. If the waste lubricating oil into the drinking water sources, one ton of waste oil can be 10000 tons of water pollution, a big barrel (200 litres) of oil into the water, can cause the pollution of the area of 3.5 square kilometers of the water. Oxygen levels due to the blocking of oil film, the water is not added, will directly lead to the death of aquatic animals and plants, waste oil of chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus and other organic compounds have very strong toxicity, their residual in soil or water, for humans, biological will cause fatal damage.
    The real cause serious pollution to environment or illegal and small-scale \"mill\" refinery waste oil traders. Its extensive stacking and storing in waste oil directly through the soil infiltration to the ground, cause serious soil pollution; Small \"mill\" refinery, using high temperature cracking of non-standard diesel processing technology in the process of production have a large number of containing oil and gas emission of metal elements (that is, to the naked eye can black smoke) cause of air pollution; Occurring in the process of refining slag for oil content is extremely low, lost use value for individual commerce, generally choose the landfill or discarded, soil and water pollution caused again.
Reduce the security hidden danger
    Waste oil belongs to hazardous waste, most of its management is not seriously, litter the place easy to fire or explosion.
JingHua village in 2010, Shanghai Chen Qinlu intersection deflagration accident a waste oil processing plant, plant more than 200 cans in flames, after more than 1 hours of fighting, fire department fire was finally extinguished, but the accident caused no injuries.
    Increase the comprehensive utilization of waste oil
    Waste oil belongs to a kind of resources. According to national statistics show that in 2010 China's apparent consumption of 10.813 million tons of lubricating oil, the oil output of 8.569 million tons, 2.45 million tons of imports, and deduct the exports of 206000 tons. However, according to the oil industry data analysis, the data in the repeated calculation data base oil production lead to artificially high, real consumption should be around 6.8 million tons, 2.2 million tons of base oil imports. If lubricating oil consumption was based on 6.8 million tons, China has reached 17% of the world, of which 30% base oil imports. The above data reflect the shortage of high quality base oil resources status quo in China.
    Waste lubricating oil, for example: the deterioration of oil product are just some of the hydrocarbon (about l0 ~ 25%), most of the rest of the hydrocarbon composition is still the main viscosity lubricating oil carrier, just get rid of the stale and impurities, can make the waste oil regeneration into base oil quality to meet the requirements, then according to the need to add various additives, oil was needed. The use of waste lubricating oil base oil can be obtained by about 70%. Good development of our country's waste oil recycling industry, will has the vital significance to our country's oil production.
Above all, waste oil recovery is a protection of the environment, maintain the ecological balance of the social undertakings, is of great importance in energy saving, comprehensive utilization of resources.

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