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Diesel oil decolorization regeneration technology of 1- refining method

The concrete technology are as follows:
1, production equipment
Reactor, distillation tower, spiral condenser, filter tower.
2, the production process
(1) the waste oil processing will waste oil acquisition by a separatory funnel before separation to water, impurities and then through a 200 mesh filter cloth to remove solids and suspended substance.
(2) the waste oil feeding processing through a funnel with pyrolysis reactor, pay attention to the adding amount of the waste oil can not exceed the reactor 2/3. After the waste oil and waste oil by 0.5% weight of a 1% plus composite high temperature catalyst FAC, stirring to disperse in the waste oil.
(3) the vaporization cracking pyrolysis gasification reaction kettle is heated to 400-450, the waste oil and catalyst full contact, split into small molecule (CizHzs-CzoHaz) diesel, and then vaporized into diesel vaporization gas enters the fractionating tower.
(4) distillation the gas into distillation tower, through a dozen tray tower and separated diesel gas. The plate theory of the rectification column should be not less than 12, height of 3 to 4 meters. The tower diameter of not less than 30 cm, diesel oil cracked gas extraction condensing into the spiral condenser from the top of the tower.
(5) when the pyrolysis gasification condensation diesel gas through the condenser (condensing temperature should be lower than 109C), pyrolysis gas is condensed into liquid fuel, a small amount of non condensable gas (gas accounts for 5%-10% of the weight of the waste oil) by condensing pipe emissions, or will the steel guide people used as fuel burning appliances.
(6) to the residue when the condensation tube without diesel drops out and only a small amount of exhaust gas, should reduce the temperature, when the temperature dropped to 50 ℃ below, can from the slag outlet will waste residue discharged (waste accounted for about 10% of the weight of the waste oil).
(7) bleaching filter will refining diesel after refining tower. Refining tower is divided into two layers: the first layer is the layer by decolorization, activated carbon or activated clay adsorption and decolorization; the second layer is composed of 240 filtering layer, a 300 mesh filter cloth shop in the vibrating screen is made. This can be refined but become of diesel fuel. The oil can reach the International (GB252-87) No. 0 diesel oil standard. 
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