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The waste oil recycling enterprises in our country present situation analysis

    Waste lubricating oil regeneration industry development in our country, from the fifties and sixties of the 20th century beginning, by the end of the 70 s and early 70 s to large scale, factory has hundreds of national regeneration. Reported in the country accounts for about 15% of the sales of the lubricating oil, the minority areas more than 20%, the recycling of waste oil regeneration for all.
    Relevant data show that since 1983, waste oil recycling from production to management on a slide, the original main reproductive, more than 200 fixed point starts only about 30% on average. Moreover, small scale, backward technology, scale is not higher than an average of 3000 t/a, waste oil recovery rate is only 6% of the country. Lubricating oil market liberalisation, part of the waste oil was snapped up by the fixed-point units, simple processing inferior oil, circulating in society. Part of waste oils by regeneration condition of plant regeneration process to get qualified products, degradation using return market. Most of the waste oil is rejected or do it with, waste oil recovery greatly reduced compared with the past.
    On the other hand, in the development of the waste oil regeneration technology of the acid acid free method hydrogenation process. Our country is still in a relatively backward state of technology, have been out of the distillation sulfuric acid clay refining process is still dominant. Fatal disadvantage is the process: the waste oil regeneration after the formation of secondary pollution, serious environmental pollution of acid slag, waste clay and waste water, it is difficult to deal with, and thus lead to the process less competitive.
    The personage inside course of study says, we have no laws and regulations, formulate strict waste lubricating oil recycling and regeneration of waste oil recycling and renewable industry is still in a state of disorder. For on the basis of their r&d and technology advantage, attaches great importance to the development and production of high and new science and technology is practical, and the latest scientific research achievements into productivity, promote new and high technology industrialization of high-tech enterprises, the country should give more policy support and guidance, on the scientific research funds and tax policy to tilt. Enterprise itself, to take advantage of the cutting edge of technology, and renewable energy companies and environmental protection agencies, construction quality, low cost, high recovery rate, high recycling pollution-free waste oil recycling platform, realize the growth of the enterprise economic benefit and social benefit. Truly achieve waste lubricating oil regeneration from recycling, renewable resources integration, intensification, scale of operation, get the industrial chain of longitudinal and transverse synergies, and get the whole industry chain value-added effect.
    At present our country each year about 5.5 million tons of waste oil, Chinese enterprises need to adopt the advanced process technology of waste lubricating oil regeneration base oil, wake up the sleeping city \"field\"  
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