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    Liangshan Derun Energy Co., brought together a group of companies engaged in the petroleum and petrochemical industry professionals, talent petrochemical refining technology and professional equipment, fine chemical, polymer materials, applied chemistry, organic chemistry and other disciplines, senior professional titles, accounting for more than 20%. The company relies on the doctor, master and has the title of senior technical talents of outstanding research team, committed to build high, fine, sharp fighting team.
    Enterprise organization is provided with a new product research, development and experiment for new products. With the quality inspection center, responsible for raw materials and finished products inspection, equipped with a gas chromatograph, distillation range of petroleum products instrument sixteen sets of professional testing equipment.
    The development of Liangshan Derun Energy Limited always persist firmly in pursuit of international petroleum and petrochemical top technology, establish cooperative base and multiple EU chemicals company, Xi'an Petroleum University, Northwestern University, involving a total of four series of 25 products.

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Contact: manager meng  Phone: 13506389336  Telephone: 0537-7668166  Address: beam boxing boxing road DongShou shop industrial park road