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Liang Shande embellish energy co., LTD
Contact: manager meng
Phone: 13506389336
Telephone: 0537-7668166
Website: www.ucepwk.live
Address: beam boxing boxing road DongShou shop industrial park road

Company Profile

    Liangshan Derun Energy Limited company is engaged in waste oil recycling of waste lubricating oil, environmental protection high-tech enterprises. Incorporated in 2012 April, is located in Liangshan Quan Pu Industrial Park, covers an area of 80 mu, building area of 6000 square meters, a total investment of 2000 yuan, the annual sales income will be 3 million yuan, be job placement personnel more than 100 people, and promote the rapid development of the local transport, processing, and other service industries, social benefit huge.
    The company leading products for fuel oil, base oil, residual oil, petroleum coke, machinery oil, paraffin oil, biodiesel, waste oil and other petrochemical products, the project is a Research Institute of China University of Petroleum and the company jointly developed, the entire production process using a high temperature cracking fractionation of advanced technology, to realize no waste water, no waste gas no waste, "three noes" production requirements, to fill the gaps in the domestic waste oil, waste oil regeneration energy use and pollution treatment technology of domestic blank black.
    Liangshan Derun Energy Limited company based on a high standard, high starting point, to the quality of survival, innovation and development, integrity Liye, contribute to building a resource conserving, environment-friendly society.

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Contact: manager meng  Phone: 13506389336  Telephone: 0537-7668166  Address: beam boxing boxing road DongShou shop industrial park road

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